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Fear of Clowns Director explores new Terrortory

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Horror anthologies are experiencing a rebirth. Why is that?

“The great thing about an anthology,” says Kevin Kangas, the mastermind of the upcoming horror anthology feature Terrortory, “is that if you get a bad segment, you just wait a minute and a good segment comes along.”


Kangas says that Terrortory, which contains six horror segments, is in the vein of Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt. “It’s basically the premise that there’s an area in Maryland, sort of like a Bermuda Triangle (or Hellmouth for my fellow Buffy fans), where strange things happen,” says Maryland native Kangas, whose last film, as director, was 2011’s Garden of Hedon. “There are tons of urban legends and myths, which let us play with stories involving serial killers, supernatural entities, whatever we wanted.”

Kangas, a lifelong serial killer enthusiast, has been making horror and serial-killer based films for more than a decade, beginning with 2002’s Hunting Humans, a film whose list of admirers includes real-life serial killer Adam Leroy Lane, AKA the Highway Killer, who owned a DVD copy of the film, which was found in Lane’s possession following his 2011 arrest. “It’s the film a real life serial killer was found with,” says Kangas. “He actually just sent me a letter.”


Kangas plans to premiere Terrortory in August, at which time he’ll seek a distributor. “I never tried to get one [a distributor] for Garden of Hedon, because I knew they could never give us an advance that would come close to our budget,” says Kangas. “But on Terrortory I think we might be able to.”