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Fan Colorizes Original Munsters Opening Credits Sequence

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Written by John Squires

Particularly for us horror fans, The Munsters is without question one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, centered on a lovable family of monsters who don’t quite fit in with their neighbors. The show aired from 1964 to 1966, with a grand total of 70 episodes produced over the course of two seasons.

What you may not know about the show is that it was originally going to be in color, and in fact the pilot episode – which never ended up airing – was shot in color. When the series was picked up, the decision was made to film the episodes in black and white, which helped give it that classic Universal feel.

munsters color 2

But what if The Munsters had been filmed and aired in color, as planned? A few fans over the years have taken it upon themselves to color still images and even select scenes, though YouTube channel Pop Colorture just went above and beyond by meticulously hand-colorizing the show’s opening sequence.

In other words…

1,300 individual images colorized by hand, frame by frame.”

Check out the incredibly cool handiwork below!