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Extra Credit Becomes Deadly In The Novel ‘Mayan Blue’

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Stephen King, R.L. Stine, watch out! Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason are a horrific match, a deadly duo! Once I started I could not stop, well written, Mayan Blue consumed my soul as I sank my eyes into each electronic page. These two sisters created a unique terror that is rapidly paced as we follow their characters through a certain hell that creates a fantastic story! Without a doubt, I know that time was well spent with research, and that is quite impressive. Mayan Blue does a phenomenal job of character development; as I say in many of my reviews, character development is paramount! I crave to love and care about the characters in any story I read; it makes character situations real, and I am one hundred percent vested in the story. Mayan Blue offers horror readers new and old a fresh new approach to the genre, and it is one hell of a ride!

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  • Print Length:149 pages
  • Publisher: Sinister Grin Press (May 25, 2016)
  • Publication Date:May 25, 2016

Official Synopsis:

Xibalba, home of torture and sacrifice, is the kingdom of the lord of death. He stalked the night in the guise of a putrefied corpse, with the head of an owl and adorned with a necklace of disembodied eyes that hung from nerve cords. He commanded legions of shapeshifting creatures, spectral shamans, and corpses hungry for the flesh of the living. The Mayans feared him and his realm of horror. He sat atop his pyramid temple surrounded by his demon kings and demanded sacrifices of blood and beating hearts as tribute to him and his ghostly world.

These legends, along with those that lived in fear of them, have been dead and gone for centuries. Yet now, a doorway has been opened in Georgia. A group of college students seek their missing professor, a man who has secretly uncovered the answer to one of history’s greatest mysteries. However, what they find is more than the evidence of a hidden civilization. It’s also a gateway to a world of living nightmares.

About The Authors


Melissa Lason and Michelle Garza have been writing together since they were little girls. Dubbed The Sisters of Slaughter by the editors of Fireside Press. They are constantly working together on new stories in the horror and dark fantasy genres. Their work has been included in FRESH MEAT published by Sinister Grin Press, WISHFUL THINKING by Fireside Press, WIDOWMAKERS a benefit anthology of dark fiction. Check them out on Facebook. 

Praise for Mayan Blue

“From the outset, Garza and Lason let the blood spill, plunging their small cast of characters into the depths of Mayan hell. There’s plenty of action to go around as the group is confronted with a number of horrors, from the labyrinthine and booby-trapped maze of the newly discovered Mayan temple to the angry gods and their owl-headed, sharp-clawed servants.” –Michael Hicks, Author of Convergence

“Their short works are wonderful to read. However this book proves that they can tackle longer works without missing a beat.” –Tom, GoodReads

”These two show no quarter dragging the characters–and by extension, the reader–into the depths of the Mayan version of Hell. There’s vividness to the scenes they craft that made me want to make sure I was reading in full daylight, or at least with most of the lights on.” –John Quick, Author of Consequences

Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason Interview 

ihorror- Can the two of you tell fans a little bit about yourselves and where the two of you are from?

Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason– Hi! Thanks for taking the time to interview us. We are a twin sister writing team from Arizona. We’ve been writing together since we were kids. We’ve been published by Sinister Grin Press, Fireside Press, Jea/ Wetworks.

iH- Michelle and Melissa, the two of you have been referred to as “The Sisters of Slaughter.” Can you explain to fans the origins of this phrase?

M&M- This name was bestowed upon us by the editors of Fireside Press for our writing style. It started out as a joke but we ran with it because it just seemed to fit.

iH- The horror genre is unlike any other. What is it about this genre that you enjoy the most?

M&M- Horror is something that drew us in at a very young age. Our mother always watched horror movies and let us watch with her so we fell in love with it early on. Halloween was always our favorite holiday, it was the end of the terrible summer months in the desert and it was super fun because our mom always made costumed for us. Horror has just always been what we are into.

iH- Is there any subject matter that you would not even think about writing about?

M&M- There are no subjects off limits but there are certain things we won’t go into great detail about like sexual abuse of children. We don’t knock anyone for doing it though, every writer should tell their stories how they see fit.

iH- What research did you conduct in preparation for Mayan Blue?

M&M- We did a lot of reading about the Mayans, specifically their underworld and its denizens since that was what we wanted to focus on in Mayan Blue.

iH- Can you tell us how you got started on Mayan Blue? Inspirations?

M&M- Melissa watched a television show about how a handful of people believed the Mayans migrated into the southern states of the U.S. and she brought the idea to the table during a brainstorming session and it started from there. We both decided it would have an 80’s horror movie feel, healthy amounts of gore and villains that were totally brutal.

iH- Do the two of you favor similar authors? Or particularly enjoy one genre more than another?

M&M- We both enjoy a variety of writers and genres, horror being number one but followed closely by Sci-fi and fantasy. Brian Keene, Adam Cesare, Glenn Rolfe, Toneye Eyenot, Ronald Kelly, R.A Salvatore, Nick Webb, Daniel Arenson. Those are only a few.

iH- Do any challenges arise when writing together? Any creative differences?

M&M- We really haven’t butted heads during collaboration. If something doesn’t work for both of us, it’s changed or tossed. No room for drama (haha). We’ve actually never really fought as siblings either, we’re all about team work.

iH- What is some writing advice that you can give to our future authors?

M&M- The advice we give is something we’ve heard many times. NEVER GIVE UP. And also you WILL be rejected, get used to it, take any grains of advice and apply them to your work but also don’t let it drive you insane. Always read anything and everything that interests you, as it helps you see sentence structure and the elements of good storytelling.

iH- What can fans expect in the future? Are you currently working on any new novels?

M&M- We are working on a horror novel that is a sequel to our short story in an anthology called WIDOWMAKERS. Also we are writing a sci-fi novel and a horror novella in the next couple months.

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