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Exclusive: Mike Flanagan Not Directing Next Halloween Film: “I’m Not Doing It”

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All of those rumors and stories about Mike Flanagan (Oculus) directing the next Halloween film are–and always have been -false.

“I’ve already made my Halloween with Hush,” says Flanagan, referring to his most recent horror thriller film, which was released earlier this year. “Halloween is a perfect film; it’s one of my all-time favorite films, one of the films that most inspired me as a filmmaker, and I could never improve on it. The thought of trying, of following in Carpenter’s footsteps, would be too intimidating.”

When Blumhouse Productions and Miramax made the announcement of a new Halloween film, Flanagan was immediately named by media outlets as the prime candidate for the directing assignment, primarily because of his close working relationship with producer Jason Blum, with whom Flanagan has worked on the films Oculus and the upcoming Ouija: Origin of Evil. “Because I’ve worked with Jason, on Oculus and now the Ouija film, it was a reasonable connection for everyone to make,” says Flanagan. “But when the rumor about me directing the next Halloween film started to spread, the project had just gotten started. They’re meeting with a lot of people, which I think is good, because they’re looking for the right director, which would not be me.”

Still, Flanagan, as a Halloween fan, is looking forward to seeing what the collaboration between Blum and Carpenter will yield. “I think Jason is going about Halloween in the right way, by not rushing, and by reaching out to Carpenter right at the beginning,” says Flanagan. “Getting Carpenter onboard was a smart thing to do, so I think they’re off to a good start. Halloween and The Thing are two of the most influential films in my life and my development as a filmmaker, and I’d be afraid to take on Halloween, because it’s so perfect. One of the reasons I did the Ouija film was because I was excited about getting the chance to improve on the first film. You can’t do that with Halloween, and I wouldn’t want to try.”