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Evil Dead 2 Board Game in the Works!

Written by John Squires

Right about now, it’s a pretty damn good time to be a fan of the Evil Dead franchise. No shortage of toys and comic books have been coming out at a steady clip in recent years, and last year’s series Ash vs. Evil Dead FINALLY brought Bruce Campbell back. As for the 2013 remake, well, it’s as polarizing as horror remakes always tend to be, but I personally thought it was totally perfect.

I’m a huge Evil Dead fan. And I’m pretty happy right now.

One of the companies draining the wallets of Evil Dead fans – and putting smiles on their faces while doing it – is Space Goat Publishing, responsible for a line of Evil Dead 2 comic books that are pretty damn groovy. Thus far, books like Cradle of the Damned, Beyond Dead by Dawn, and Revenge of Hitler have been released in their Evil Dead 2 line, and there are surely many more to come.

Speaking of what’s to come… Space Goat is apparently making an Evil Dead 2 board game!

Over on Twitter, “Head Goat” Shon C. Bury just posted a teaser image of the upcoming board game, writing that he’s “Working on things…” It’s impossible to tell what the gameplay will be like, but judging by that teaser image, it looks to be cut from a similar cloth as games like Magic: The Gathering. The box notes that it requires 2-6 players, and of course, it’s Certified Groovy.

Check out your first look at the Evil Dead 2 board game below!

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