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Elm Street’s Heather Langenkamp Returns to Horror in HOME

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Written by John Squires

Heather Langenkamp’s big break as an actress came courtesy of A Nightmare on Elm Street, playing Freddy’s nemesis Nancy Thompson. Langenkamp reprised the role a few years later in sequel Dream Warriors, and then played herself in New Nightmare, but she hasn’t done much acting otherwise.

What has Langenkamp been up to? You may be surprised to learn that she co-owns makeup effects company AFX Studio with her husband David LeRoy Anderson, and their handiwork can be seen on display in 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake as well as The Cabin in the Woods. How cool is that?!

This year, Langenkamp returns to the world of horror acting in Frank Lin’s haunted house movie Home, playing a character named Heather. It will be the first time she’s appeared in a horror movie since 2012’s The Butterfly Room, and judging by the trailer, she’ll have a substantial role in this one.

Here’s the plot crunch…


Carrie [Kerry Knuppe], a young, spiritual woman, is abandoned by her father and forced to move in with her mother [Heather Langenkamp] and stepsister, whose lifestyle conflicts with everything she’s come to believe in. In addition to this test on her values and convictions, Carrie believes the new house possesses evil, paranormal forces. During one terrifying night after her mother leaves on a business trip, Carrie and her boyfriend [Aaron Hill] conduct an exorcism to rid the house of its supernatural presence. But, instead of purging the spirit, they awaken an even more sinister terror that begins to haunt and torture them. Now, as creepy occurrences lead to full-blown terror, Carrie must confront savage forces to protect her little sister and save their lives.

Home hits DVD/VOD on March 1st. Check out the trailer below!