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After Dental Surgery, Brothers Convince Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

The Horror Equity Fund

Written by John Squires

We love horror pranks. This one is so cruel. And so hilarious.

If you regularly watch viral videos on the internet – and who the hell doesn’t? – there’s a good chance you’ve seen a handful of videos filmed shortly after the subjects underwent dental surgery. When you get your wisdom teeth removed, you’re drugged up to the point that you lose all semblance of reality, and as someone who’s had three of them removed, I gotta say: it’s kinda fun.

In an epic prank that’s gone viral this week, two brothers convince their little sister that zombies overran their town while she was getting her wisdom teeth removed, and the extended prank – which goes on for a few minutes and is cruelly elaborate – was caught on camera. It’s one of the best pranks we’ve honestly ever come across, and the sister’s reactions to the news are priceless.

At one point, she’s even forced to choose between saving her cat or her dog. Yea. Cruel.

Check out the five-star zombie apocalypse prank below!