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Crazy Fan Theory Turns Home Alone Into a Horror Film

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Written by John Squires

Holiday movies don’t get much more beloved than Home Alone, a true classic that simply must be watched each and every December. I can almost guarantee that everyone reading this right now has seen the film at least a handful of times, and I can definitely guarantee you’ve never seen it quite like this before.

In a post over on Reddit a couple weeks back, user ‘drewgarr’ forever changed the way many will view Home Alone going forward, proposing the theory that Gus Polinski – the kind-hearted character played by John Candy – is none other than the Devil himself. And he’s got a few solid points to back the theory up.

Okay, so it’s totally ridiculous and insane, but hear him out…


During a Christmas movie Marathon , I started rewatching Home Alone. The movie is filled with great memories and scenes, but one thing that I think has been overlooked is that Kate Mccallister actually sold her soul to get home to Chicago.

First let me point out the scene about the 1:04 mark. Notice in this scene, just as she says “If I have to sell my soul to the devil himself ” it is that we now see Gus take notice of Kate and approach her before the airline rep can further help her, in anyway possible.

So what makes me think he is the devil, or a deal demon? My evidence is the location. The Scranton airport. More specifically the crossroads located right at the airport. At this point I want to point out the myth regarding the crossroads demon. In a nutshell it means that you can give an offering to the devil (in this case her soul) near a cross roads, the devil will show up and deliver it in exchange for the offering.

It is after this scene that Gus offers Kate a ride to Chicago (to what she was willing to sell her soul for) to which she agrees to, essentially selling her soul. It is at this moment Gus smiles and points out to his friend renting the van, showing her he is honoring his side of deal since she already put up her side (already agreed to a ride for her soul). It is here where she says “Yes” and the next scene we see that she did in fact accept the ride.

One last piece of evidence that I have found is Gus choice of instrument. Sure it’s not as obvious as a fiddle, instead it’s a woodwind instrument. There are some references in the bible that one of the instruments are created and favored by the devil (my understanding at least).