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Clarification: Blair Witch Is NOT a Remake; Full Plot Details

The Horror Equity Fund

Written by John Squires

Hands down the coolest thing to happen at this year’s Comic-Con was the reveal that director Adam Wingard’s latest is actually a new installment in the Blair Witch Project franchise, filmed in secret and cleverly marketed by Lionsgate as an original movie titled The Woods. It’s headed our way on September 16th, and we wanted to take a moment today to clarify an important detail.

Given that the film is titled Blair Witch, many fans jumped to the conclusion over the weekend that it’s a remake of the 1999 found footage classic, but the reality is that it is – and was intended to be, from the very beginning, a direct sequel to The Blair Witch Project. The story takes place in 2014, exactly 20 years after three student filmmakers went missing in Burkittsville, Maryland.

James Allen McCune stars as James Donahue, the brother of missing Blair Witch character Heather Donahue. He, along with some friends, head into the Black Hills Forest on a mission to find out what happened to Heather all those years ago, and like Heather and her friends, they soon discover that something very evil is hiding out there in the woods.

The film’s status as a sequel is made very clear by the new trailer Lionsgate released over the weekend, which officially renamed The Woods to Blair Witch, but we just wanted to make sure everyone is well aware that the new movie is most definitely NOT a remake of the original. You can watch that new trailer below!