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Check Out These 35 Pennywise Tattoos!

The Horror Equity Fund

I know iHorror readers have a lot of love for Pennywise the Dancing Clown and for horror-themed ink, so I scoured Twitter and found 35 IT tattoos that people have shared over the past couple of years. Naturally, each of them is based on the TV adaptation’s interpretation of the maniacal monster clown, further illustrating that the collective fanbase does indeed consider Tim Curry to be THE Pennywise. One of them, does at least include an image of Stephen King’s classic novel.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes someone to get a tattoo of Bill Skarsgård wearing the greasepaint. It will happen eventually.

By the way, the new adaptation has found its young Losers Club in case you haven’t heard.


We could keep digging back further into the history of Twitter, but I think two years’ worth will suffice.