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Check Out These Cool Fan-Made Collectibles Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

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Long before there was Stephen King, it could be argued that the reigning master of literary horror was H.P. Lovecraft. Author of the stories that would go on to serve as the inspiration for beloved horror films like Re-Animator, In the Mouth of Madness, and From Beyond, Lovecraft’s primary claim to fame were his tales of the Old Ones, ancient gods whose only desire was to return from their involuntary exile and retake the Earth as their own. The most famous of this pantheon is the tentacled underwater monstrosity known as Cthulhu, but the lineage encompasses many stories and creatures.

Naturally, the works of Lovecraft have also inspired fans to create many cool things based on them. One such creator is Italian artist Andrea Falaschi, the man behind an Etsy store called Orion Oddities. The shop includes some pretty cool trinkets, and a few choice items are pictured below. To see the full assortment, click on the store link above.

First up is the amusingly named Coin of Cthulhu, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Coin of Cthulhu

Next up is this one of a kind Cthulhu ashtray, which due to its rarity runs a pretty penny.

Cthulhu Ashtray

If you’d like to pledge your allegiance to a god other than Cthulhu, you could always buy one of Orion’s “poison jars”, which come in designs based on both Shub Niggurath and Yog Sothoth. There’s a Cthulhu one available as well if you only have eyes for ol’ tentacle face.

Shub Niggurath Jar Yog Sothoth Jar

Finally, there is a line of less specific Lovecraftian themed glass bottles that purchasers can have personalized.

Lovecraftian Bottles

As always, horror fans are the best fans. Rarely does the latest action flick or romantic comedy stir such a reaction in its viewership that they are compelled to create art. Now if the store just had a replica of the Necronomicon, things would be complete.