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Check Out the Compelling Behind the Scenes Footage of The Shining

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Written by Patti Pauley

On this day 36 years ago, something quite magically wicked first made its appearance on the big screens across America. The Shining, the critically appraised novel by Stephen King that was originally written in 1977, was adapted into a spectacularly terrifying reel of imagery from the brilliant mind of one, Stanley Kubrick in 1980.  Initially the movie opened with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike; However after passing through the decades of time, the film has gained much more respect from both sides of the spectrum. Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese himself has ranked it as  “one of the scariest films of all time.” 


No arguments here.



Below, you’ll see a cool video taking you behind the scenes of The Shining and into Kubrick’s state of mind while shooting some of the infamous scenes from the film. Also, it’s a joy to see Nicholson behind the camera in his natural state. He’s definitely the sort of man I’d love to have a beer with. The video offers some rare glimpses into the minds of the actors as well. Shelly Duvall, (Wendy Torrance) opened up and admittedly stated she was a bit jealous of Jack during filming because of his public status and fans doting over him. Also the stress of filming caused her to lose quite a bit of hair.

While prepping to film the scenes in The Gold Room, where Jack steps out of the seventies and into the roaring twenties, Kubrick directed each person in the room to only mouth conversations and not to actually speak. Background voices were dubbed later in editing. Joe Turkel, (Lloyd) stated in a 2014 interview that the bar scene that took place between him and Nicholson was rehearsed for a brutal six weeks prior to shooting to perfect the exchange of the two men.



The Shining is being re-released in theaters this October much to the delight of horror fans everywhere. For details on showings and to reserve your seats, click here!