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Cat in the Hat appears in new fake Trailer for IT

Youtuber Adds Cat in the Hat Into New IT Trailer

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The trailer to the remake of Stephen King’s It is breaking viewing records. It’s shortly becoming one of the most famous trailers out there. Which of course leads to shenanigans in the YouTube community.

The YouTube Channel But Without is best known for making videos showing a whole movie without something, for example Shrek But Without the Color Green. They now stepped up their game with the video IT (2017) TRAILER BUT IT’S THE CAT IN THE HAT.

The trailer for It is scary enough as it is, and Bill Skarsgård already looks terrifying as Pennywise the Clown. However, seeing it with Mike Myers portrayal of the Cat in the Hat by Doctor Seuss gives it a new, horrible twist. That face will haunt your dreams forever.

They didn’t just replace the face of the Cat in this video. They also changed the production logos, the authors name and even took some of the scenes from the Cat in the Hat movie.

If you are already excited for the movie and have already watched the trailer a billion times, enjoy this version.

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