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Casting Horror Fans For iHorror Original Series: Cutthroat Critics

Let’s Play – Short Horror Film of The Month

Cutthroat Critics

Us fans are always passionate about our opinions on horror movies, and now’s YOUR chance to be heard. We’re looking for a few good horror fans, and we’re pretty sure you fit the bill. Yes, YOU!

Every Friday we will be airing our brand new ongoing original series Cutthroat Critics on the iHorror YouTube channel: iHorrorTV. This is a chance for you, the horror fan, to give your opinion on the latest new releases.


1. Film a video of yourself giving your opinion on the film. You can be funny or serious, but make sure you are to the point and clearly state your opinion – good or bad. (remember we will be editing little sound bits from all different types of reviewers so make sure to give some pauses in-between topics, great one liners work really well, short and to the point comments work great, and you don’t have to tell the viewer about the film just your opinion of it, you don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t seen it , so be creative.)

2. Make sure your video and/or video clips are no longer than 5 minutes.

3. Send your videos to Glenn@iHorror.com no later than midnight on Sundays.

4. Include your name and social media handle. This could be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

You can check out some examples below of our 1st episode …someone was clever enough to be THE BLEEDER throughout the whole video.
So send over your best videos – they can be fun, they can be serious, just make them interesting so the viewers remember you and you just might become a regular on the series…you never know who is watching and where it could go!
If you have any questions, what your voice heard and want to know which movie is next for being CUT-THROATED, then contact me at: Glenn@iHorror.com or @BOOitsGLENN on Twitter.