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Cannibal! The Musical Soundtrack Now On Vinyl

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It truly is a Shpadoinkle of a day! We live in a glorious time for horror fans who love vinyl as many classic soundtracks are released on the beloved format. Major classics have seen great releases from Phantasm to Halloween and now the 1990’s cult classic, Cannibal! The Musical, sees its first and very limited release thanks to the goof folks over at Banana Stand Records and it is glorious!

Before they made South Park, Team America: World Police, and the broadway hit The Book Of Mormon, comedy legends Trey Parker and Matt Stone made Cannibal! The Musical, a low budget horror comedy musical about Alfred Packer. Released by Troma Entertainment, the film shows the seeds that would become trademarks of the dynamic duo. Crude humor, musical numbers, random violence, and over the top acting are prominent through the film. And now, Cannibal! The Musical’s hilarious original soundtrack has been unleashed as a limited edition vinyl LP!



The vinyl itself is on a beautiful 180 gram red vinyl and features images from the film at the center. The soundtrack sounds fantastic as Banana Stand Records secured the official recordings from Troma Entertainment. A great start for the company’s first release. If they continue the quality found here in this set and build a crazy library I will defiantly continue collecting their releases. This set is wicked awesome and a must own for any fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s classic. But, it is limited to 1000 copies. After which, it may never be released again. So head over to Banana Stand Records and pick up your copy today!

Cannibal Back/tracklist

Track List:

  1. “Shpadoinkle”
  2. “Shpadoinkle (reprise)”
  3. “That’s All I’m Asking For”
  4. “Ode to Liane”
  5. “Trapper Song”
  6. “This Side of Me”  
  7. “Let’s Build a Snowman”
  8. “Let’s Build a Snowman (reprise)”
  9. “That´s All I’m Asking For (reprise)”
  10. “Hang the Bastard”
  11. “Shpadoinkle (finale)”