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Breaking News: Insidious Chapter 4 Announce Release Date and Exciting Director News!

Every so often, you get a piece of news so good you just can’t wait to share it.  Today is one of those days.

Studio executives have confirmed that Adam Robitel, director and co-writer of the terrifying The Taking of Deborah Logan, will be directing the latest installment of the Insidious franchise which will hit theaters October 20, 2017.  This is the first time the young director has taken on a major studio film.


While details are being withheld about where the new film, scripted once again by Leigh Whannell, will lead us, the films in the franchise have performed consistently well at the box office with the third installment pulling in $100 million worldwide, a nearly unprecedented number for a third installment in a horror franchise.  Much of its success has to do with Whannell’s writing and the amazing acting of Lin Shaye as psychic medium Elise Rainier.

What began as a smaller, but integral role for Shaye in the first film has grown in the actress’s capable hands to the very reason we keep coming back.  If you haven’t seen the films in a while, take a look again; there is nothing more terrifying than seeing Lin Shaye’s eyes widen and hearing her breath become ragged as she sees something the rest of us cannot.

Robitel and Shaye go back a long way together.  They appeared in 2005’s 2001 Maniacs and the 2010 sequel 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams.

Adam proved to horror fans everywhere that he has a keen sense of timing and terror with the amazing Deborah Logan.  The film was the winner of our first ever iHorror award for Best Direct to Video release and is a consistent entry on “must see” and “most terrifying” lists for horror films available on Netflix.

I can think of no better director to take us once more into the Further!  We’ll keep you posted as more news comes in about the latest entry in the franchise.