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Blake Neubert Creates Horrifying Images Beneath His Paintings

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At first glance, these paintings by artist Blake Neubert look like ordinary portraits. But sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

Blake Neubert - Facebook
Blake Neubert – Facebook

Looking at his work initially you see faces of men, women and even super heroes, but as he scratches through the image with a razor blade, there is a more ominous story beneath.

The Man Called Horse - Blake Neubert (artsy.net)
The Man Called Horse – Blake Neubert (artsy.net)

Nuebert draws inspiration from having worked within the criminal justice system, “I’ve seen lots of violence, I’ve seen lots of anger, lots of drug abuse” he says in the video below. “A lot of this just comes from — I guess seeing another side of the world I never knew.”

Blake Neubert - Facebook
Blake Neubert – Facebook

The artist says that he has to plan out the layers very carefully, making sure they line up and that he doesn’t know what the effect will be until he etches away the oil from the glass.

Even Walt Disney doesn’t escape the biting commentary of the painter’s medium.

Blake Neubert
Blake Neubert

Neubert describes his “scrape away” paintings as being set in, “Different levels of reality.”

You can see more of this unique artist’s work in the video below:

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