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Dating Tip: Being Sweet Doesn’t Always Pay Off

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There isn’t a dude alive who hasn’t received a call from his girl only to hear a pouty tone on the other line asking for him to make it better. A man’s heart melts and the decision is quickly made to indeed make it better. Whatever “it” may be.

And in this case, IT most certainly qualifies as the operative word.

The ViralBrothers out of the Czech Republic posted this little piece of nightmare fuel featuring a chick who simply decided she wanted to terrify her man. You know, in the spirit of Christmas.

Out of the kindness of his heart, Erik agrees to come pick her up at a shopping center after she fibbed about having a bunch of Christmas presents and needed a lift because she wasn’t feeling well.

Erik’s heart wasn’t all that melted.

Two things: 1) Any woman who conjures such a scheme is a keeper. Hang on to her like grim death (pun intended). And 2) Despite sheer, unadulterated terror, the snack is never fumbled.