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7 MORE Tips For Horror Fans To Survive The Summer

Let’s Play – Short Horror Film of The Month

For some, summer is the best time to venture outside, spend time with friends and go on trips. But for the rest of us, we like to spend our time inside watching horror movies and only going outside if it is an emergency. Summer also means that everything around us is surrounded by bright colors and smiling faces. But for horror fans we prefer blood, guts and screaming.

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  1. Bring an umbrella with you all the time because you need to keep up with that pasty white appearance. outside (1)
  2.  Study a new language to pass the time. Just don’t read the Latin. tumblr_mou4uxqfzi1qg4blro2_500
  3. Do not get it on in the woods. Actually..do not have sex anywhere. People always die having sex in horror movies. sex-gore-the-peanut-butter-cup-of-horror-films-gif-85120
  4. Catch up on local urban legends.blair-witch-project-portable
  5. Keep up on that cardio. The zombie apocalypse might happen this summer. giphy
  6. Always rest up after a night of drinking. Alcohol can give you some weird dreams. giphy (1)
  7. Do not pick on the quiet kids at summer camp because you never know what they might become. tumblr_o0y8efjkhx1rp0vkjo1_500