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12 Titles to Watch On Netflix After Stranger Things

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 Netflix finally dropped their horror/thriller/nostalgia horror masterpiece Stranger Things and if you are like most of us here at iHorror you probably already plowed through the eight episode season in the first few days. Since the show dropped there has been a lot of talk about the influences behind the show. There are heavy influences of Amblin Films, Joe Dante, and many many more. Here there is a problem. There is a void. As satisfying and great as the show is, there are only eight episodes! What to do with one’s life now?!?!?! Well, have no fear. We have assembled 12 Titles to Watch On Netflix After Stranger Things. Now, Netflix didn’t have all the title’s we wanted to include, but there are still plenty to enjoy!

Shows Set In Strange Towns

Twin Peaks and Bates Motel


There is always something creepy when it comes small towns that look like they would make Norman Rockwell cream his loafers. It always seems like something is going on, like government underground testing or something straight out of Brian Yuzna’s Society.  The town in Stranger Things is no different. If you want to continue exploring some strange towns without leaving the comfort of your couch, then check out Twin Peaks and Bates Motel. If shows set in strange mountain towns isn’t considered a sub-genre then I don’t want to live in this country any more.

Joe Dante Influence

The Burbs and Explorers


Everyone is talking about the heavy influence of Amblin Films with specific nods to Steven Spielberg’s 80’s filmography. But we’ll get to that in a moment, because the overall direction of the show screams Joe Dante. Everything from the characters to the horror and camera direction is a love note to this great genre filmmaker. Of his films that are currently streaming we have the hilarious and underrated The Burbs and ExplorersThe Burbs needs to be watched immediately if you haven’t seen it yet and Explorers is one of the most 80’s movies ever.

Kids On Bicycles Encountering Strange Things

E.T. and Earth To Echo


The moment the trailer hit the webs the influence of Spielberg’s E.T. was evident and as subtle as a teenage boy on prom night. Between the band of misfits kids going on adventures on their bicycles to the typical Spielberg family dynamics present at the dinner table, the show oozes as a love note to the director that helped define many childhoods. Now, you can stream E.T. right now, but why not check out something newer? Earth To Echo is another film, much like Super 8 that is heavily influenced by Spielberg’s favorite extraterrestrial. This throwback film is filled with fun nostalgia. It also pairs well as a double feature with E.T. when you need your kids-on-bicycles-adventure-movies. Another sub-genre that needs respect.