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‘Everlasting’ Receives Official U.S. Premiere!


Created back in 1999, The Nevermore Film Festival is a competitive festival which showcases brand-new genre films from around the world. The festival has sported more than 500 features and shorts over its 16-year run. Submissions of science fiction, mystery, thriller, action-adventure, and of course horror; are all welcomed. Over the years, the Nevermore Film Festival has earned an international reputation as a premiere genre festival in the United States. The Nevermore Film Festival has made its home at the historic Carolina Theater of Durham in North Carolina.

The Nevermore Film Festival will take place this year on February 12 thru February 14. The festival received an amazing 1275 submissions. Everlasting was one of the 11 features chosen and will premiere on February 13th; this will mark the film’s official U.S. Premiere. With the amount of great films submitted, programming has been expanded this year. Scheduled to appear to support Everlasting is Anthony Stabley, Director; David Drucker; Producer; Jon Bickford, Cinematographer; Jesse Drucker, Location Manager; Sarah Schroeder, Production Assistant.

Everlasting’s stars Adam David, Valentina de Angelis with Dir. Anthony Stabley (LACMA) sporting their CPIFF shirts.

Congratulations to Director Anthony Stabley and everyone involved with the creation of Everlasting! The film is like a well-oiled machine with no signs of stopping. Everlasting, nominated for best feature at The Crystal Palace International Film Festival, an official selection at Panic Fest, and winner for best feature at The Nevermore Film Festival (North America). Stabley constructed a dark, melodramatic thriller exposing our minds to a tragic love story that has been cut short by acts of violence, rage, and torture. Everlasting will take its viewers into uncharted territory and deliver a story that will live in our minds for years to come.

The Official Synopsis Reads:

Beautiful, tragic, haunting. In Everlasting, a teenage filmmaker named Matt (Adam David) finds his life thrown into turmoil when he receives a mysterious package containing a blood-stained rope and a DV tape that shows the murder of his girlfriend, Jessie (Valentina de Angelis). Still reeling from her untimely passing, Matt decides to memorialize the girl he loved in all of her spirited, but faulted glory. He makes a documentary that recounts the weeks leading up to Jessie’s death. His decision is also fueled by a more dangerous motive: He plans to use the film to document his trip to Los Angeles—the site of Jessie’s murder—to confront her killer.

As he makes his way from Colorado to California, recalling his last days with Jessie and the events that led her to death, Matt recklessly moves closer to peril as his thirst for the truth grows greater with each passing day. The story is told through a mix of homemade footage, real-time sequences, and news clips, with Matt guiding the film through ever-present narration.  A cautionary tale of two young lovers, one of which digs herself into a grave that’s too deep to climb out of, Anthony Stabley’s Everlasting is an honest and heartfelt look at young love, and the darkness that engulfs people.


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