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10 Horror Christmas Ornaments From Etsy Every Horror Fan Will Love!

The Horror Equity Fund

Written by Patti Pauley

Whether you light up like Buddy the Elf as soon as the first Christmas decorations begin to arrive in stores (which is early as September these days), or you relate more towards the pre- heart growing Grinch, there’s nothing you can do about it- Christmas is coming. Yes, it seems like the gorgeous days of Halloween have long gone and we’ve been thrown head first into cold, bitter nights and endless hours of Christmas music for the poor folks working retail this season. And of course, the green and red decorations vomit all over the house. However, horror fans still embody their sense of who they are and unconventionally decorate (if we must) with a bit of horror flair; and that goes especially for the ole’ tree. A little douse of horror Christmas ornaments goes a long way folks to make those festive decorations more tolerable.



Cool websites such as Horror Decor and Middle of Beyond have been accommodating to us horror fans when it comes to horrifying the bland Christmas tree. However, DIY and small business starter site Etsy has some true horror holiday gems sprinkled throughout their browser pages and I wanted to give these creative individuals a little shout-out for helping us darken the deco more to our liking. So if you’re looking for a cool new ornament for your tree, or for that upcoming annual ornament party, take a browse at 10 of the coolest horror ornaments I found on Etsy.


Killer Klown Cotton Candy Cocoon



Critters Ornaments



Sam Trick or Treat



Set of five Hellraiser ornaments



Krampus movie inspired bell